The 5 Gestures of Trust

From Left: Morgana Burke, Morgana’s Gluten Free Bakery, Mike McCormick & Demian Tallman, California Casualty, Steve & Sanni McKelvey, Glam’r Gear, Renata Pinto, Spotless KC Cleaning, Top: Brendan Sneegas, Angel Flight Central

The Better Business Bureau researched businesses and consumers across North America as part of its “In Search of Better Businesses” agenda. The goal was to identify what builds customer loyalty, respect, and trust. We discovered that there are 5 Gestures of Trust which provide the foundation for a positive customer-business relationship.

At our January annual meeting, one of our accredited charities and four of our accredited businesses won roles as Trust Partners to help us promote the gestures and our inaugural Trust Awards on May 8th.  On April 24th they appeared with us on KSHB’s K C Live .  We also asked them to reflect on how the gestures play out in their organizations. 


Spotless KC Cleaning Services

We are dedicated to building and maintaining trusting relationships with our customers and our community. We have grown extensively in the last few years, and our commitment to honesty is partly responsible for that growth. We are one of the few—if not the only—residential cleaners that uses a cleaning agreement. As such, our customers agree to our policies and procedures before we seal the deal. This reduces the likelihood of employee error, and it increases customer satisfaction.

Our managers and team leaders adhere to our agreements to the letter. But, mistakes happen. When they do, we contact the client and explain exactly what happened. For example, if an employee breaks something, we immediately text or e-mail the client, and a manager follows-up within 24 hours. No matter what happened, we accept responsibility. Our manager consults with the homeowner and together, they decide how to proceed.

We have added text to our website and our social-media platform explaining our team’s unswerving commitment to honesty. We expect more review in the next few months, so we will continually make improvements to enhance the customer experience.


Morgana’s Gluten Free Bakery

As a registered nurse, I value health. My gluten-free bakery’s ethics are rooted in the belief that customer health and well-being is more important than anything else—even profits. We ensure that our customers have clear, comprehensive, truthful information about each item we sell and each ingredient we use.

Our goal is to be transparent in-person, on our website, andin all of our communications. We want customers to know that we take their allergies, health, dietary needs, and dietary safety seriously. We also want them to know that we provide all the product information they need to make decisions that align with their dietary needs and buying decisions.


Angel Flight Central

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit representing ten Midwestern states, we strive to be the most respected, reliable, and responsive organization to our three “P’s” (passengers, pilots, and patrons). Our staff and leadership participate in strategic-planning exercises to evaluate our successes and challenges then set goals that allow us to better serve our three “P’s.”

We anticipate the medical and emotional stress our passengers will endure, and we find ways to make them comfortable. We set goals and expectations for our volunteer pilots—keeping in mind that they only have a limited amount of free time—and we treat our donors the way we want to be treated. We identify trends and changes in the charitable-aviation industry, and make continual changes to our plans. Public safety is our highest priority. We hold ourselves accountable, and we work hard to uphold the public’s trust.


Glam’r Gear

At Glam’r Gear®, we understand word of mouth is the most important
part of business. Being equitable is a key factor for a successful
referrals.  One of the ways that we outwardly display being equitable
is shipping orders according to the date of purchase, which is critical
especially when taking pre-orders.  We also offer the product
availability equally between our retailers and end consumers. Our
7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee has met the desire of customers.
Additionally, we offer long-term product support, the same as we’d
want as a consumer, including advice, replacement parts, and exchange


California Casualty

Our business was founded in 1914 with a vision to help others. Carl G. Brown, our founder, created a form of workers’ compensation insurance that appealed to business owners and protected their workers through increased workplace safety. Seeing the technological advancements being made and being forward-thinking, we began selling automotive insurance and sold our first policy in 1917, just nine years after the first Ford Model-T was sold.

From those humble roots, we have branched out to provide automotive and homeowners insurance to educators, firefighters, nurses, and law enforcement. This is highlighted by our pioneering of affinity-based insurance to select groups, which in 1951, received an endorsement from the California Teachers Association.

Our 105-year-old, family-run business protects American heroes. To keep us from losing sight of our company’s foundation, Carl Brown, Jr., wrote the California Casualty Code in 1965, which reminds our employees to follow these tenets:

  1. Do what is best for the customer
  2. Deliver on your promises
  3. Maintain high ethical standards on and off the job

Mike McCormick, our chief marketing officer and senior vice president, is convinced a formalized moral code is the key to continued success. He said, “Without a moral compass, it’s too easy to lose sight of the principals behind your company’s success.”

These 5 organizations attended the BBB KC 2019 Annual Meeting and won a role as Trust Partner to help us promote the 5 Gestures & our inaugural Trust Awards.

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