Our New Neighbors

By:  Jennifer McGlothen

The BBB offices have been located in the building at 8080 Ward Parkway for over 10 years.  During that time, tenants have come and gone.  Also during that time our staff has developed relationships with some of the organizations that are housed there.

Last year we saw activity that told us we were getting a new neighbor, right on our same floor, right next to us. Construction workers were in and out. Day to day it was interesting to watch a door being cut from one place in the hallway, the hole closed, dry walled and re-wallpapered, and then see a new door a bit farther down.  It reminded me of that saying “when one door closes, another opens.”

Opening doors of education~K C Scholars - Open Doors

Our new neighbor is the kind of neighbor everyone should know about. They help open doors that may have been closed. KC Scholars is a new scholarship and college savings program that will help low and modest income students, as well as adult learners finance and complete a college education. Since I work with charitable organizations, I really looked forward to walking down the hall to meet with Executive Director Beth Tankersley-Bankhead to learn more.

Dr. Tankersley-Bankhead steered the program through incubation at Kauffman Foundation and became executive director as it achieved it’s own 501c3 status.  She was a delight to talk to!  Her genuine passion for education shines through with warmth and kindness.  Achieving post secondary education is becoming a reality for more people through her leadership, along with other community based leaders and committees, and continued support from Kauffman Foundation.

“By 2020, two out of three jobs will require more than a high school diploma.  In Kansas City, there aren’t nearly enough high school graduates entering college and completing their degree to meet those job demands.”

K C Scholars is helping to close this gap by offering three college scholarship opportunities:

  • Traditional Scholarship – Awarded in 11th grade
  • Adult Learners
  • College Savings Match – Awarded in 9th grade

KC Scholars partners with 17 colleges and universities.

K C Scholars Schools

(Not represented in this photo:  Avila University, , Lincoln University, Park University and University of Missouri-Kansas City)

In May of 2017, the Kansas City Star published an article about the first class of K C Scholars.K C Star KC Scholars Image

All students, regardless of income, age, or ethnicity, deserve an opportunity to earn a college degree and get a good job.  This is the work of K C Scholars and it is carried out by a super nice staff. We know because they are our new neighbors!! You can support this work by donating to fund scholarships and / or by serving as a scholarship reviewer.


KC Scholars


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