Pet Perspective – Bentley The Goldendoodle

BentleyBy:  Jennifer McGlothen

On July 12th, my son, daughter and I picked up an eight week old furry, four-legged addition to our family, Bentley the goldendoodle! Looking back on his ride home, he must have been saying, “I’m happy but do you really think I’m going to make it easy for you?”

We talked about this new responsibility and my teenagers are pretty much carrying the load, but as I suspected, I have to pitch in a lot. Bentley is cute as a button but …………

My wake up signal is now whining and barking! I’ve never been a morning person and pre-Bentley I’d peel my eyes open, have some quiet contemplation and prayer before I face the world. Teenagers out of school are slower than me getting up and going so I choose to give my ears a break and go let Bentley out of his crate to begin his morning routine. Guess I should be grateful that he sleeps pretty quietly in the crate all night.

My morning routine has been disrupted! I now have to make time to take a trip outside at 6:30AM. I don’t want to think about that during cold weather. Perhaps we can get to the point where we can send him out by himself and he’ll come back when his business is done? And he can’t get his own food and water yet, so that’s an important addition to my morning list of “to do’s”. Soon as he hears the sound of the door where the food is he goes ballistic, jumping up and down as if springs were in his legs and starts running full speed, whipping around the corner towards his food dish as if he hasn’t eaten in days.

BentleyMy budget needs a new line item! Knew we needed a crate, collar, leash and other basics, but I never thought a vet office visit would be more than I pay for my doctor’s office visit! I might be looking into pet insurance! Then I was flabbergasted at the selections of toys, treats and other products for fur babies, but I didn’t get sucked in on that stuff. We bought a couple of toys, his favorite being a stuffed fox, but empty water bottles, old dish towels and other stuff provide good chomping and chasing activity.

My sense of smell is turned up a few notches! I never owned a dog until now but, over the years I have walked in some people’s houses and immediately knew they had a dog. I told myself if I ever had one, I didn’t want my house to smell like it. He is past the point of accidents in the house thank goodness, but after rolling in the grass and doing the stuff dogs do, I guess they just smell doggy. So, at the least indication of ‘eau de kennel’ fragrance in the air, I am chasing Bentley to spritz him with deodorizer if it’s not Wednesday or Sunday (bath days). I’m cleaning our hardwood floors much more than I used to so that’s kinda good. Amazing how a dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than that of humans and if Bentley could talk, he’d probably say “you are the one that stinks, but I love you anyway.”

BentleyMy, My, My………. life is different these days! Perhaps that’s exactly the point, it’s not about me?  Having a pet is all about giving up part of me to help care for this growing puppy. My friends and colleagues say it’s all worth it because of the unconditional love they give back.

Oh alright Bentley, you can stay!

Several of the BBB staff have pets that they truly adore. I’m sure they’d like to share Pet Perspectives in the future!








Pet Perspective

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