Meet the Staff of the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City

Author: Cherie Reese

This is a fine group of people dedicated to helping businesses and consumers. I’m proud to introduce our hard working staff! In the months to come, we will be spotlighting our team to let you know more about who they are, and what they do for the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City.

BBB of KC Staff

Front from left to right, seated front row:
Dustin Johnson, Director of Accreditation;
Cherie Reese, Vice President;
David Buckley, President & CEO;
Jennifer McGlothen, Community Relations & Charity Review.

Back row left to right:
Paul Nelson, Complaints Specialist;
John Sparks, Complaint Specialist, & Mediator;
Aaron Reese, Media Contact & Communications;
Kim Hale, BBB Sales and Retention;
Debbie Ellis, BBB Sales and Retention;
Jessica White, Operations Director;
Nikolas Reese, Customer Reviews & Complaint Specialist;
Astrid Rios, Complaint Specialist.

Our Team

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