What Marketing, Art and Horses Have In Common with the BBB : KIMBERLY BEER

By Jennifer McGlothen

Kimberly Beer PhotographyI’ve always worked in some sort of business capacity. But way before I started working, I was artistic. Many of my childhood days were spent playing piano, being enthralled by performing artists, painting, drawing, making jewelry……the list goes on.

For a long time, I’ve contemplated the intersection of art and business and what that looks like in my life.  That’s what drove my board service to Kansas City Volunteers Lawyers & Accountants for the Arts. It’s what drove me to write songs for nonprofit organizations I work with.  And I recently discovered Guildit, providing “forums where art and business fuse”.  Both of these nonprofits essentially help connect entrepreneurial artists to business resources.

There are myriads of articles and research on the intersections between arts, creativity, imagination, visualization, innovation, and business, leadership, marketing, culture, productivity, success… I absolutely love that every person has an element of creativity built within, that can be applied in the workplace given the right culture.  But, when I come across an entrepreneurial person running fully complementary business AND artistic enterprises, employing business expertise and creative gifts in a seemingly seamless fashion, I cheer!

So here’s to Kimberly Beer!!! (That rhyme must have happened on a subconscious level, trust me it was not planned)

On LinkedIn, Kim identifies herself as a creative adventurer, entrepreneur, speaker, photographer, writer, artist, rancher and small business marketing guru.  Here’s someone living life to the fullest!

Kimberly Beer PhotographyI got to know Kim at one of her Constant Contact seminars, as she is a Certified Authorized Local Expert.  I was there to pick up some tips and found Kim to be engaging and extremely knowledgeable.  We ended up chatting about some ideas for collaboration.  I learned about Kim’s artistic pursuits when I visited her website.

Kim Beer Photography captures the beauty of horses and their bonds with humans and also covers special events and business purposes.  Of the images Kim sent me for use, I’ve included my two favorites.

I began thinking about how she connected her passions to business.  I’ve ridden horses before and had a certain amount of fear and respect for these majestic animals.  I was moved to learn a little more about them.

I found a few amazing facts about horses.  Then I got excited about making analogies between those facts and the way Kim approaches marketing with her clients and scrambled to find a few equine stock images to illustrate.

Kimberly Beer Photography• Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal and because their eyes are on the side of their head, they are capable of seeing nearly 360 degrees at one time.

• Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.

• They can run within hours after birth.

• They have a memory as good as that of elephants

Every business owner needs partnerships that serve as extra eyes and ears, and help get new ideas up and running, and relationships that help you remember things.  I know first hand that Kim has broad business experience allowing her to see marketing and business from many different angles and perspectives and that she is an attentive listener. I also know how she can get an idea up and running.  Last but not least, she didn’t forget what we talked about when I first met her.

Whether behind the lens or in front of business owners, Kim Beer is a great resource.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to glean marketing insights from a seasoned entrepreneur, artist / writer and equine photographer, the BBB will be making that a possibility!

Check out “Building Trust In Your Marketing”, a free seminar that Kim will facilitate for us on April 20th.

Kim will share some insights about utilizing BBB accreditation to generate sales & loyalty, tips for social media and handling referrals, ratings & reviews. He has several BBB accredited businesses as clients and Midnight Productions, Kim’s marketing services company, is one of our newest accredited businesses. Together, we look forward to helping infuse some creative inspiration into your business!


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