Resuscitating the BBB of Greater Kansas City Blog

Author: Jennifer McGlothen

Jennifer McGlothenThe BBB of Greater Kansas City’s blog was started in 2009 by a couple of colleagues putting on their writers hats. There were six posts that first year, growing to 112 in 2011.

When I joined the team in 2012, one of my early posts was titled “The Blankin’ Blog” because I quickly developed a case of writer’s block. In 2012 there were only 43 posts. And the challenges continued… we had only one post in 2016. Sadly, the blog had died because we hadn’t made it an ongoing priority.

We have so much to share!

There is so much going on in the BBB of Greater Kansas City. We have so many stories to share about our members and our team. I recognized that blogging is futile without leveraging social media. I also realized we needed the whole shebang to be tied to our marketing and communication plan.

After sitting in on lots of social media / marketing presentations, and after what may have seemed internally like nagging on my part, we’re positioned to resuscitate our blog. But this time, we have a different approach to keep it alive and well.

I learned that we could be more effective developing content as a team but that it would be a culture shift. Some local gurus performed some needed CPR by re-energizing me and inspiring us to embrace blogging as a tool to connect with people.

We’re excited to start sharing information and stories about all the things that we do. From member success stories to approving or denying accreditation, reviewing and reporting on charities, advertising reviews, investigations, arbitration, scam alerts, presentations to seniors and military personnel and more.

We’re committing to storytelling through blogging to advance our mission of marketplace trust in the Kansas City community. Next time, we’ll share some interesting history about how the Better Business Bureau began its work in Kansas City by dealing with loan sharks back in the day. We’d love to have you tune in!


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