The 5 Gestures of Trust

The Better Business Bureau researched businesses and consumers across North America as part of its “In Search of Better Businesses” agenda. The goal was to identify what builds customer loyalty, respect, and trust. We discovered that there are 5 Gestures of Trust which provide the foundation for a positive customer-business relationship. We asked one of our accredited charities and four of our accredited businesses to reflect on how the gestures play out in their organizations.

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Where Angels Fly

by Jennifer McGlothen There are stories, and then there are STORIES. This is a story that had to be shared.  One that shines a brilliant light on giving and receiving as the core of humanity. One that lifted my spirit high above life’s struggles, the annoying political rancor of our time, and the daily doses…

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Changes at the BBB

BBB of Greater Kansas City has been adapting a slew of changes in the last month. We have a new President and CEO who started in January. We’ve beefed up our social media presence. We’re starting new services and programs. We’re even updating our office! First up was our conference room. It was a little…

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